Safety Tips For Your Kitten’s First Christmas

Christmas is fun when there’s a new kitten in the house, but the risk of injuries and accidents is higher during the holidays. Here are a few safety tips that can keep your kitty out of harm’s way.

Pogo and Allemande love Christmas!  (Image source)

Pogo and Allemande love Christmas! (Helena Jacoba)

Cat Facts

Christmas is for children, so if you’re shopping for a kitten before the holidays,  it’s good to know which breeds are kid-friendly. Animal Planet has some specific recommendations, and you can always tell the cat breeder that you’re looking for kittens that get along well with youngsters.

Perhaps you adopted your new kitten or someone just gave you one, or your resident cat recently gave birth. Wherever your new kitty came from, be patient. While you’ve done all the usual care, even the most well-adjusted kittens may need extra time to get used to Christmas changes in their environment.

Everything is easier if the mother is around, especially if your itteh bitteh kitteh is less than 12 weeks old. If Mom isn’t there, remember that kittens do better if they have a companion to play and socialize with. It might seem like double trouble, but two kittens actually can be easier to handle than one.

Be aware that kittens like to hide in dark places. As you decorate and move things around, you must know where the fragile little creatures are at all times.

I can haz tree?  (John D. McDonald)

I can haz tree? (John D. McDonald)

Cats and Christmas Trees

Let’s face reality here. Your kitten is going to get into the Christmas tree, no matter what kind of repellants or home remedies you use.

Tether the tree so it won’t fall over.

Let the kitten explore it before you decorate. If it’s a live tree, be sure to always keep the water source covered since the chemicals in the water are poisonous to pets and children.

All cats experience the world through their paws, nose and mouth. Toxins and other holiday hazards are complex subjects. Read up on them and decide what works best for you. In general, kittens should be constantly supervised whenever they’re around the tree or other holiday decorations.

Just check the serving bowls every now and then.  (mjmonty)

Just check the serving bowls every now and then. (mjmonty)

People and Cats

Your kitten can handle the stress of family get-togethers and holiday parties in your home if it has been properly socialized beforehand.

It’s probably a good idea to keep the kittens in a closed, cat-proofed room during food preparation and dinner (be sure to check on them frequently!), but otherwise, if your guests are fine with it and have no allergies, let them mingle a bit.

Do have a dark and quiet safe place ready, though, where an overstimulated kitty can take a break if it wants to.

With safety tips like these in mind, you can relax and enjoy all the wonders and delights of your kitten’s first Christmas.

Note:  This is the practice post I mentioned last week.

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