Writing update

Writing as frequently as possible here at the blog is working out, so I decided to go back and try content writing again to get some income from this. It’s a very different type of writing, but I’m ready now.

First I went back and checked out Helium, but then I took a look at Yahoo Contributor again. I had tried Yahoo earlier and it hadn’t worked out for me, but this time around I was just amazed.

They have set up an Academy now. You’re not required to go through the three-level-plus-electives course before submitting something, but it certainly helps. That’s impressive, and I’m going through it now. Besides discovering how much I don’t know about content writing, the level of commitment it requires is good.

I’ve decided to focus on Yahoo when I finish the courses for those reasons and also because you can go quite far there, even outside of Yahoo, if your writing is good enough.

I’m also thinking about a short story for Thanksgiving day on the blog. It would involve General Burnside in Knoxville and his observance of the first T-day, but there may not be time for it. Besides the Yahoo course and the full-time day job of medical transcription that is my only income source right now, I’m also knee deep in dinosaurs (terrific course!).

Most surprising lesson so far:  What really killed off the dinosaurs.  (Image:  davidd)

Most surprising lesson so far: What really killed them off. (Image: davidd)

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