A Symphony of Music, Mastered by High School Students

Tomorrow we’re going to look at a “symphony of horror,” it being Halloween and all. Let’s practice by listening to a traditional symphony, Scheherazade, by one of the great classical composers, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

Kranj High School, where Slovenian students can major in Awesome.  (Wikipedia)

Kranj High School, where Slovenian students major in Awesome. Wikipedia (Slovenian)

OK, so technically it’s a symphonic suite. Some parts may sound familiar.  Everybody likes it, but it’s also a very complex and demanding work for professional musicians.

The musicians in the video below are so young!  In fact, they’re high school students who attend Kranj High School in Slovenia and played Scheherazade for their 2010 Christmas Concert.

There are just one or two wobbles throughout the whole piece, a reminder of how this should have sounded throughout in the hands of inexperienced musicians, but the full power of the work is here.  This version of Scheherazade is fresh, fun and a bravo performance – Enjoy!

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