We’re going to Mars

Oh, not me, and probably not you, either – but our near descendants will.

It won’t happen this year or next, but it will happen.

For one thing, the Orion spacecraft was powered up for the first time last week, NASA reported today,

For another, this Mars flyover video (sorry, can’t link it) gave me a feeling akin to what people centuries ago, and even further back, must have experienced whenever completely new vistas opened up – many reasons not to go come to mind, but there also is that curiosity and desire to shape it into one’s home… .

Yes, right now, Mars has a face only a geologist could love. That can change.


Sixty years ago, this was science fiction stuff.

Last week, they powered up Orion for the first time. One of mankind’s spacecraft has left the solar system, while others are visiting the Moon and some of the other extraterrestrial bodies that orbit the Sun.

Mankind won’t settle on the Moon – it’s too close and belongs to everybody.  No, we’ll make Mars our next New World, leaving the Moon for science and as a public monument

I’m beginning to really believe it. We’re going to walk and live and fight and love and die – the usual complex human mess – on Mars soon.

It’s no longer just a dream.

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