Time Warner Computer Problem This Morning?

This hard-core Firefox fan will never bad-mouth IE again.

It's so much fun, too.  (Craigsagersuit)

Even though it’s so much fun. (Craigsagersuit – note, cussing at link)

This morning I was working the “day job,” which is medical transcription. For this client, there is an Internet-based platform plus a proprietary IM service. Well, both went down, and I also couldn’t reach any website with my browser. I called Time Warner and was told there wasn’t an outage reported in my area and was referred to customer service. This has happened before.

However, customer service was so busy that I was put on eternal hold – that hasn’t happened before.

I called my client and learned that someone else had reported a problem with the transcription software, but she could browse the Net. She was in Maine; I’m in upstate New York at present. I could use my landline phone (it’s bundled with my Internet), and Windows XP Pro Network Connections told me I was online, but that was all. Weird.

Hours went by with no work and no Net surfing, and then in a desperation move I pulled up IE and used the Microsoft Internet connection diagnostic tool. It worked a long time, and I just grumbled, “IE,” and did my nails. Halfway through, there came an astonishing message from good old IE.

My HTTP connections were restored, though FTP still wasn’t working.

I tried again and sure enough, everything I needed was restored (my work doesn’t depend on FTP), including the transcription platform and IM. Whoo-hoo! When I got back in touch – online – with the client, they said their IT person had just called to say Time Warner was having a massive problem.


Unless some Time Warner worker knocks me off the Intertubes while working on the problem, I should be able to get tomorrow’s volcano post scheduled for tomorrow, but if the Civil War post on Monday isn’t there right away, you’ll know why.

I can’t believe it … IE/Microsoft overcame a problem that has much of the Northeastern US from New York to Maine tied up in knots this morning…unbelievable… .

No, I didn't change my default browser - Firefox is too comfy to let go of easily.  (Wikipedia)

No, I didn’t change my default browser – it’s just too comfy. (Wikipedia)

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