Random Thoughts: Wild Places (Santa María Volcano)

I hope to finish the story about the soldier and the monk this Thursday, or at least this week, and so am doing a lazy post here. Came across this video on YouTube and just don’t understand why it doesn’t have at least a million views. They’re on Santa María Volcano, and starting at around 4:38, it’s the Santiaguito Dome there that is having one of its typical and frequent eruptions, first steam and gases, and then around 6:30 a small quantity of ash.

It’s the morning sunrise that hooked me, though.


Here is the poster’s comment:

Uploaded on Apr 17, 2010

On 5th of April Anibal and me climbed the Santa Maria volcano. We supposed to watch the activity of Santiaguito Dome from there. Six hours of rain during the night prevented us from seeing any nightime volcanic activity. However a spectacular mourning and a powerful eruption of Santiaguito made the trip worthy. The stong, jet like sounds of the volcano were really impressive!

Note that the second eruption would have been a serious thread to climbers of the dome. I would not recomand to do that, because one could clearly see the formation of small pyroclastic flows during that stonger eruption episode.

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