The Civil War 150th Anniversary – An Invitation (and a note about Yellowstone)

Did you know the word "rookie" comes from the Civil War?  Me neither.

Did you know the word “rookie” comes from the Civil War? Me neither.

I noticed recently that people are searching for things that sometimes haven’t been covered in the weekly posts, which I’ve been pretty good at getting out on Mondays lately.

Civil War Information – You Can Help

Lots of the things that go into the posts are bits of information I stumbled over while looking up something else only. The sources at the bottom of each post and in the sidebar are terrific, but no one – except possibly Official Records, which can only be studied, not read – knows everything important that went on.

This war belongs to all of us Americans, and if you know something or are curious about something, comment here. I’ll try to look up the answers to all questions, and if you have information, I will post it as an addendum in the next weekly timeline, with credit.

For instance, back in June – on June 23, 1863 – Confederates occupied Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. I missed it, and only discovered it now because somebody searched “Confederates in Shippensburg, PA.” There will be an addendum in next week’s timeline, and I’d love to give you credit for that, or any tip.

Travertine in Yellowstone (Redeo)

Travertine Terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone (Redeo)

A Note About Yellowstone

People are also frequently searching for Yellowstone Caldera, so I will do that on this coming Sunday Morning Volcano for that reason.

This volcano is so awesome, and yet so hyped up, I think the basic information should be given by Jake Lowenstern, scientist in charge at YVO, who did a series of very informative and easy to follow YouTube videos on it recently. Consider that to be the Yellowstone Primer (edit: link was broken, now it’s working), and Sunday I’ll get more into the earthquake swarms that happen there and how Yellowstone compares to other caldera volcanoes.

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