3 Favorite Cat Tales in Books, Movies and Music

After last week‘s Pablo Neruda cat poem and a glimpse of a “Dark Knight”-style Joker kitteh that just wants to watch the world burn, I looked into what other cats one may find in literature and fiction.

A whole new world opened up…and not just on the printed page, either.

This is just first impressions, but here are my favorite stories, video and music about real-life cats (mostly).

Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

Yes, there’s the Cheshire Cat, Pettson and Findus, the Cat in the Hat and so forth, but this one is brand new (at least to me). How did I ever miss T. S. Eliot’s collection of poems!

Here is one, “The Naming of Cats,” recited by Old Possum himself:



There’s a Seuss-iness about it, and indeed Dr. S began writing around this time.

I like the wide variety of cats Eliot described in the various poems, and am going to have to look for this collection in the stores to find out what happens to Growltiger – the full poem isn’t part of the Google Preview.


Simba and Felix the Cat, not to mention Sylvester and Tom, pretty much own the toon world.

For live-action cats on films, I’d have to give the nod to General Sterling Price, both because the cat easily holds its own on camera with John Wayne and also because of the Civil War reference.


As for video, well, I like some safari and big cat videos that are out there, but Maru is in a class (and a world) all his own.


Classical Music?

Yes. And it’s funny, too.

Oh, there are somewhat serious treatments – you will find Puss in Boots in Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty, for instance.

But I’m thinking about this 2006 animation excerpt from Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf (hat tip to Polednice):

Happy Friday!

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