Blog update

There will be a change in the Thursday Lit posts.

Sometimes they’ll be Thursday Fiction posts, because I’m going to start serializing some of my short stories and maybe even complete a novel, The Birchfield Murders, that was my writing project for NANOWRIMO several years ago – an experience that taught me no good novel can be written in a month.

Birchfield is all planned out, almost halfway complete, and the last scene is written, which is a good sign. Since it all happens during the fall, now would be a great time to get back in and complete that.

Meet Jack Murphy

The detective in that unfinished whodunit is Jack Murphy who earlier featured in a short story/novella that perhaps one of you has already heard of: “The Soldier and the Monk.”

This short story sat around in my head for literally decades, after I was given an assignment to describe the fundamentals of Buddhism in a freshman Oriental Religions course (it was 1970, so you said “Oriental” instead of “Asian”).

I wanted to do it in story form back then, couldn’t and wrote something else for class.

The idea stayed with me, though, and I finally finished the first draft several years ago. There have been a few more since then.

The serialization that will begin here this week will be “The Soldier and the Monk,” to be followed by Jack’s work as a brand new state police detective, circa 1975, in Birchfield, Vermont. Hopefully these will be the final drafts for each.

Comments and criticisms are welcomed, if you’re into that sort of thing. It would be nice to self-publish both story and novel in 2014, and your input now will definitely make it better.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles …

Yes, it’s quite a comedown from the likes of Ambrose Bierce and Pliny the Younger, but the basic idea about this blog is to get started writing.

Nonfiction comes fairly easily to me, as I’ve done a lot of it over the years, but I would really like to give fiction a try. Like all beginners, I’m not very good at it, but you have to start somewhere.

You have been warned. (g)

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