Popocatépetl update

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but the volcano has been fairly quiet overall and it has been hidden in the clouds. There hasn’t been much to talk about. Occasionally there are views of it during the dawn calm, and sometimes glimpses may be caught of the summit amid the swirling vapors.

It did have two explosions overnight. Unfortunately, the summit was socked in and nothing showed on the webcams then.

However, the contrast in the appearance of the summit as best CENAPRED could view it yesterday and today, and show us in their bulletins, is striking:

From snowy white:





To a big bruise:





This is all within the baseline range of Don Goyo’s activity lately. Fortunately for Mexico, none of its volcanoes have gotten rambunctious, to add to the countries present woes thanks to cyclones Ingrid and Manuel.

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