Update, September 25 at 9:27 p.m. Eastern: Sigh. This tweeted by
Geól. Sergio Almazán:

Translation: 139 dead, 53 missing. 552 towns and 26 states affected.

Of note, Mexico has 31 states, plus the Federal District (Mexico City). Ingrid, together with Manuel, massively impacted much of the nation.


I completely missed writing about this deadly tropical cyclone in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico during its life cycle.

Here is the Weather Channel’s Ingrid recap. For detailed information on the storm, check out the National Hurricane Center’s Ingrid advisory archive.

Ingrid and Manuel

The biggest news about Ingrid is how it interacted with the Pacific tropical cyclone Manuel to bring heavy rains to two-thirds of Mexico.

The rains brought disastrous flooding and landslides. Countless homes, schools and roads were destroyed. Some 200,000 people have been affected, by official reports, and the total of evacuees is well over 58,000.

According to ABC News, the death toll currently is 101, not counting five federal police who died when their helicopter crashed while on a rescue mission to the worst-hit area, the town of La Pintada. There are still 68 people missing, too.

Mexican authorities are still calculating damages, but it’s certain that the cost of recovery (Spanish) is going to be high.

Although Manuel was gone by September 16th and Ingrid dissipated on the 17th, the flooding still continues. There just is nowhere else for the water to go.

This is what it looked like yesterday in Penjamo, Guanajuato State, east of Guadalajara.

I had wondered if the two cyclones would have a Fujiwhara dance.

There is no mention found online of any such interaction right now. Perhaps after the season is over and meteorologists can do some in-depth review, we’ll find out if it happened.

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