Tropical Atlantic update

I’m running behind, thanks to a big load of “day job” work and two days of high heat this week that pretty much knocked me for a loop. The daily posts have all been scheduled in advance – at least that much of the writing program is still on track.

In brief, Gabrielle is gone. The NHC has discontinued issuing advisories for the moment on Humberto, as it has dramatically weakened, but it will be back and they will start issuing advisories again; amazingly, the current GFS graphic shows the big H eventually heading quite far north (though still staying out to sea)for the next 144 hours before it gets absorbed into the westerlies. I’m not enough of a meteorology expert to know if it will be tropical (with a warm core) all that time.

And yes, we have had Ingrid in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico/Bay of Campeche – named as a tropical storm on Friday and upgraded to a hurricane late this afternoon.

Here is a loop of Hurricane Ingrid from the Mexican metorological website, showing its recent development tonight:

Note Tropical Storm Manuel over on the Pacific coast. Central/southern Mexico is going to suffer much because of these two storms.

More later when I have time to go into detail – probably in the sidebar entry for Humberto and Ingrid (not yet done).

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