Tabby Cats and Writing

No, unfortunately, just now I don’t have a little furry companion around to inspire and distract me when writing.

I actually was going to research and write an article about tabbies and their coat patterns to post this afternoon but instead was stopped in my tracks by this article at CatsCenterStage – it says everything I wanted to but hadn’t yet found words for.

It’s kind of a strange feeling to be getting geared up to write and then suddenly, boom, to find your ideal composition on the topic already expressed, completely and well, by someone else.

It’s cool, too. There’s a lot I can learn from this.

My time today would be better spend reading and re-reading that excellent post to understand its appeal for me.

Then, perhaps, I will write a short story about a tabby. Let’s see if I can do that in the coming week.

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