Possible fumarole opens at Italian airport

On Saturday, August 24th, a small patch of ground started steaming and bubbling in a roundabout at Italy’s largest airport, Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome. It progressed to this:

A broken pipe could have caused it, but the people at Volcano Discovery noted Saturday that preliminary investigations seem to show it is natural, i.e., a fumarole. I’m not sure if mudpots are the same thing, but that’s what I think it most closely resembles, from online news pictures.

Erik Klemetti told LiveScience, “There are a lot of hot springs in the area around Rome, so it might not be surprising that new vents could open.”

Geologists are studying it now.

If it is natural, we should all thank Mother Nature for putting it, not under a road, sidewalk, building or runway, but in the middle of a roundabout so everybody who visits the airport can enjoy it. According to the Google translation of this Corriere Della Sera article from August 27th, other people have been checking it out, too:

Even the summer nightlife has moved to the roundabout to see the original eruption. Brigade and civil protection have had to deal, in these nights of surveillance …, with whole groups of young people, maybe drunk, that after a night at the club, came in via Coccia di Morto for a souvenir photo. A fun night after night. Instead of croissant and cappuccino, croissant and is now the fashion volcano.

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