Saturday Silents: Chaplin, Keaton or Laurel?

Fans of silent-era comedy tend to fall into two groups – Buster Keaton fans or Charlie Chaplin fans. Seldom do you meet anyone who really likes both comedians.

This is because they had very different styles. Chaplin’s tramp would tug at your heart strings while picking your pocket. Keaton’s character was rougher, and he amazed you with his stunts, usually performed while suffering setbacks while trying to do the right thing.

Stan Laurel had a style that was a mix of both men. He was smooth and witty, like Chaplin (who he understudied for), but he did physical comedy, including the rough stuff, almost as well as Keaton. Had he possessed Keaton’s athleticism, Laurel’s silent work might be much better remembered today.

Well…who do you like best:

Charlie Chaplin?

Buster Keaton?

or Stan Laurel?

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