Friday’s Casual Cat: Cats in Motion

Yes, another busy “day job” week and I didn’t get a chance to write something on a particular cat.  YouTube came to the rescue with some beautiful videos of cats on the move.  (Some of these have an ad; I can’t control that.)

If you want to visit each film maker’s YouTube page to see what else they’ve got up there, just click the “YouTube” live link on the bottom right of each video.

Here is “Duality” by eHow pets:

Snow leopard cubs in Mongolia investigating a camera trap, video by Panthera:

If you have a high tolerance for lots of close-ups of animals’ tongues, here is “Dog versus Cat,” by Earth Unplugged, a study in how differently the two drink. Cats actually don’t break the surface tension when they drink – I didn’t know that.

The dog cheated.

And finally – cheetahs!  National Geographic has several videos up; here are just two of them.

Running at full speed (slow-motion):

And, the science behind it.

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