A writing lesson learned

I work roughly 10 hours a day doing medical transcription but have a nice break in the middle of the day, Tuesdays through Saturdays (why did I just have a Simon & Garfunkel flashback?). The blogging is now becoming my second job, albeit unpaid, so I can learn writing and (hopefully) will be ready to write full-time professionally within the next six years, after retiring as an MT.

Anyway, it’s a full schedule. Earlier this week, I was in good shape and took it easy – too easy. Yesterday and today have been very hectic as a result, and the Casual Cat post is delayed because of it. The lesson is learned – always stay sharp and ahead of the writing curve, even if you don’t have an official deadline!

The kitty will be released later today, barring writer’s block or something unforeseen that moves it up to Saturday, along with the Saturday Silent.

In the meantime, a foreshadowing rorrrrrr!


Source. I have GOT to figure out a way to watch Australian nature shows.

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