Sounds you don’t want to hear outside your tent while camping

Many, many moons ago, a bunch of us were in the back hills of Vermont, doing some dendrology field work, and camped out at night inside a barn owned by the professor’s friend. A bear came by some time during the night. It was busy on its own affairs and cared nothing about us, but in passing it made a noise I’ve never forgotten – sounded kind of like a rock slide.

It was the porcupine that scared us, though, when it came later on and gnawed at the barn wood. Many of us thought the bear had come back.

Haven’t thought of that for years until coming across this Big Cat Rescue video. The only one I’ve heard live before is the bobcat wail – you used to hear it (and perhaps still do) in the Berkshire Hills sometimes. Note: If you are camping out and hear what sound like sheep nearby, do NOT go investigate. You’ll see what I mean.


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