Every day is a Popocatépetl day!

Don Goyo is shrouded with clouds just now on the cams, but here is how it looked about mid-morning today.  The lazy white steam plume at the summit combines with the snow to give it a perfect stratovolcano shape.



And in case you didn’t see this article on Popo, remember: Not everything in Mexico is scary. Sometimes it is majestically beautiful.

Edit: Here is the view from Excélsior (h/t to Sergio Almazán) at about the same time from Mexico City – I just love it that a Ferris wheel and some brightly colored buildings are there, too:

Popo from Mexico City

Second edit, the next day (August 14): As beautiful as Don Goyo can be, it is still an active volcano, presently in eruption. Last night, per CENAPRED, it did have an “exhalation,” though it couldn’t be seen because of the weather, and ash fall was reported in the communities of Ozumba, Tepetlixpa, Atlautla and Ecatzingo in Mexico State.

Currently, per the PPIG webicorder (which is not the one shown as being used by CENAPRED in some bulletins but is online publicly and near the summit), the mountain is calm, but it is socked in at the webcams. Of note, currently it also shows last night’s exhalation:

PPIG August 13 to 14

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