Sunday morning volcano: Aso Caldera, Kyushu, Japan

NASA Earth Observatory

Click to enlarge. Yes, some volcanoes are occupied. See the Naka-dake volcanic cone in the middle of the large caldera, sitting there just like Wizard Island sits in the Crater Lake caldera? Only this caldera isn’t full of water. The people of Aso – not supervillains – have built a city in the caldera, around Naka-dake. (Source: NASA Earth Observatory)

Information: Global Volcanism Program (Smithsonian). Volcano World. (Oregon State)

Monitoring (note: only the Japanese-language website seems to be working right now). See also the Japan Meteorological Agency – despite the name, they watch for all natural hazards in Japan. Currently JMA has no warnings posted for Naka-dake, which does have frequent, small-scale eruptions and is quite a tourist draw.

Webcam (in Japanese, but real-time images).

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