The American Civil War 150th Anniversary – July 22-28, 1863

Here is a look at what was happening in the war this week, back in 1863.

General Meade's army crossing the Antietam in pursuit of Lee.  E. Forbes, Library of Congress

General Meade’s army crossing the Antietam in pursuit of Lee. E. Forbes, Library of Congress

July 22

Military events: Gettysburg campaign: US General Meade, in pursuit of the Army of Northern Virginia (on the other side of the Blue Ridge Mountains), sends General William French toward Manassas Gap with III Corps, with the idea of splitting Lee’s force and defeating both halves. (12)

July 23

Military events: Gettysburg campaign: The passes over the mountains are all guarded. Fierce resistance by a Confederate brigade slows down General French long enough for CS generals Longstreet and Hill to move their corps into the Luray Valley and safety. The campaign is now over. (12)

…Again, my dear general, I do not believe you appreciate the magnitude of the misfortune involved in Lee’s escape. He was within your easy grasp, and to have closed upon him would, in connection with our other late successes, have ended the war. As it is, the war will be prolonged indefinitely. If you could not safely attack Lee last Monday, how can you possibly do so South of the river, when you can take with you very few more than two thirds of the force you then had in hand? It would be unreasonable to expect, and I do not expect you can now effect much. Your golden opportunity is gone, and I am distressed immeasurably because of it… .

President Lincoln to General Meade, letter never signed or sent

US gunboat and soldiers, Hilton Head, South Carolina, 1863.  Source:  Library of Congress

US gunboat and soldiers, Hilton Head, South Carolina, 1863. Source: Library of Congress

July 26

Military events: Morgan’s Great Raid comes to an end when he and his remaining men are captured in eastern Ohio near Salineville. (12, 22)

South Carolina operations/Siege of Charleston: Gideon Welles, US Secretary of the Navy, confers with President Lincoln about reinforcements for General Quincy Gillmore. (5)

July 27

Military events: Tennessee operations: From Chattanooga, CS General Nathan Bedford Forrest orders Colonel G. G. Dibrell and his regiment to Sparta, where they will watch a US corps based at McMinnville. (17)

July 28

Military events: Louisiana operations/Bayou Teche: A US gunboat surprises a party of Confederates who have nearly raised the CSS Hart, which had been sunk back in April. The Confederates sink her again when Federal gunboats show up. (10)


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