Random thoughts: Music inspired by Popocatépetl volcano

Don Goyo this morning from CENAPRED's Tianguismanalco cam.

Don Goyo this morning from CENAPRED’s Tianguismanalco cam.

First, a general note: I have been posting daily, but mostly in the Popocatépetl live-blog (and a wee bit under former tropical storm Chantal).

Now then, on to Don Goyo (always a congenial topic for me!)

Some people on Twitter, when talking about Popo, have included lines from a song.

I was wondering what song that might be and just did a quick YouTube check. This volcano has inspired quite a lot of music, including:

Old-timey (and mispronounced, by Kay Kyser’s band back in the day):

Hip (by Fey in the 1990s):

and Classical (yes it has its own overture, written by Alejandro Rosas Momox and performed by the Mexico City Philharmonic):

I like that overture – it catches the volcano’s exhalations nicely, as well as the patriotic sense this “show-off” so near the country’s capital city inspires.

Still haven’t found the song those lyrics are from, though.

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