Saturday Silents: The Cameraman (1928)

What a week! Gettysburg! Popocatepétl!

Time to unwind a bit. Let’s go with a romantic comedy starring that Lothario of the Golden Oldies … Buster Keaton?

Yep. Although Buster was having personal problems in the late Twenties and had just lost his independent studio, this first venture of his with MGM was superb. For many years, the studio screened it for new writers as an example of the “perfect” movie, and that’s not really hyperbole. It still rates a solid 8 at IMDb.

Besides the romance, there are some classic comedy sequences. Too, for baseball fans there is a priceless extended view of the old Polo Grounds, and we also get to watch Buster do what everyone dreams of doing in a seemingly deserted major league ballpark.

But first, a short – it’s not really a silent film, nor old, but it just goes so well with The Cameraman.

Now, ladies and gentleman, here is our feature movie!

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