Popocatépetl started a continuous emission last night

Today is a holiday and I’m up early to cover people at work, so there isn’t much time, but I wanted to mention that last evening Don Goyo got pretty rambunctious. It’s still going on. So far, CENAPRED hasn’t changed the alert level – it’s still Yellow, 2.

Here’s the current PPIG online webicorder image:

Servicio Sismológico Nacional

Servicio Sismológico Nacional

As of the last Washington VAAC message at 0315 GMT, the expect ash trajectories are:

No live-blogging this time. With millions of people in the vicinity sitting around watching this volcano, I’m not going to comment on this – it wouldn’t contribute anything as I’m an amateur, and it might be mistaken by those desperate for any updates. CENAPRED and other volcanological experts are watching this closely, of course. If you’re in the area, or know somebody who is, stay tuned and do what the authorities tell you. Plan Popocatépetl is a good one.

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