Saturday Silents: The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1927)

A chilling moment:  "I'll get you yet."

A chilling moment: “I’ll get you yet.”

I haven’t watched a silent movie for a while, and then stumbled across this one. It blew me away.

You may have heard of The Lodger, but it’s probably the 1944 talkie about Jack the Ripper that you’re thinking about.

This version doesn’t actually reference nasty Jack and contains a different story line.

There is also a twist within a twist at the end (read the billboard flashing in the background in the very last scene) that may make you feel very uncomfortable. It must have been quite shocking in 1927!

Think I spotted Alfred Hitchcock in the "The Lodger."

Think I spotted Alfred Hitchcock in the “The Lodger.”

It’s by Alfred Hitchcock – yes, he did make silent movies.

Reportedly this was the first movie in which he did a cameo appearance. They needed an extra that day and he stepped in to play one of the reporters in the background during a newspaper scene.

Apparently he liked the experience so much he kept it up in his other films.

The acting is superb. You really don’t need to hear what they are saying most of the time. You can “hear” it in your head. This is one good reason why I love silent films.

Hey, who let Buster Keaton in here?

Oh, right – there probably would have been a short before the main film.


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