Beautiful images at new National Geographic site

Sheer 100-foot cliffs of eroded ash rise before Mount Katolinat in Alaska.
Image by Winfield Parks/National Geographic

I first read about this at Wired.

National Geographic has put a photostream of images online to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Not all of these are unpublished. I remember some of them, but from long, long ago. They are all worth sharing with new generations.

Here is another nice volcano image:

A photographer and a geologist photograph the Taal volcano erupting in the Philippines, April 1912.
No credit given.

Too much heat on a muggy summer’s day? OK, here’s Fairbanks, Alaska, undated

Second Avenue, the main business street in Fairbanks, Alaska, with Christmas decorations lighting the street. Christmas Eve was 40 degrees below zero.
Image by Robert Moore/National Geographic

And here’s my favorite, so far:

A regular at Le Louis IX in Paris, “Caramel” keeps a client company, May 1988.
Image by James L. Stanfield/National Geographic

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