Tropical Storm Barry

Update, June 21, 2:55 p.m. Eastern: Compared to other parts of the world, the flooding from Barry wasn’t too bad. It was bad enough, though.

According to its last forecast discussion on this now defunct tropical storm at 10 p.m. Central last night, the NHC noted that the storms would continue to produce “torrential rains over the state of Veracruz and adjacent states for the next day or two. This rain could cause significant mud slides and mudslides over a large portion of southern Mexico.”


According to this report (Spanish), the rains have caused at least 10 rivers to overflow in Veracruz State, affecting 19 municipalities. More than eight rural communities have been cut off by landslides and river flooding. Classes have been suspended in all towns. According to Twitter reports, political campaign has stopped, too.

Univision reports (Spanish) that 1 person has died, three have been injured and about 1200 have been evacuated to shelters.

That’s awful for the people involved, but it’s nowhere near the worst tropical cyclone Mexico and Central America have ever experienced.


National Hurricane Center

National Hurricane Center

This afternoon, the National Hurricane Center found that a tropical depression in the Bay of Campeche (that southern Gulf of Mexico scoop between the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico’s east coast) had strengthened enough to name it as a tropical storm.

Barry might strengthen a little bit before it moves inland over southeastern Mexico, mostly in Veracruz state. There’s going to be a lot of rain with it, and lots of flooding.

Here is the NHC’s current forecast track:

National Hurricane Center

National Hurricane Center

More tomorrow…

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