Another explosion at Popocatépetl this afternoon



A busy day today!

At 1:23 p.m. local today, Don Goyo had an explosion that was the biggest I’ve seen since watching this volcano over the last year or two (note: I’m an amateur who just cruises volcano cams on the Net and loves geology).

The volcano then settled down to its baseline pattern and CENAPRED did not raise the alert level – it’s still Yellow, Phase 2.

I’m not going to start live-blogging again until the alert level is raised again, if and when it ever is. However, this explosivity seems new, though it’s certainly not anywhere close to what Popo has done in the past.

Will be sure to watch it more frequently and post about any major changes. You can do this, too, by clicking the CENAPRED link in the side bar. Their website is in Spanish but they do have an English bulletin there, as well as links to the webcams (“imagen”).

Here is CENAPRED’s special bulletin from today, translated with the help of Google Translate:

14:00 June 17 (June 17 1900 GMT)

Today at 13:23 h an explosion occurred at Popocatépetl volcano that generated an eruptive ash column over 4 km high and threw incandescent fragments at distances up to 2 km from the crater, which by its high temperature caused small fires in the grasslands (see figure 6), (see Figure 7). The ash has been carried to the northwest by the prevailing winds in the area, so it can be expected that in the coming hours ashfall will be recorded in populations of this sector, even in the southeastern portion of the City of Mexico. At the time of this report, the volcano has returned to its previous levels of activity. This type of event is among the scenarios considered in the current alert level, so the Volcanic Alert semaphore remains at Yellow Phase 2.

Edit: You can also view the event at Webcams de Mexico, even if you don’t speak Spanish. On their page, under “Archivo de videos (Timelapses)” select June 17 (it’s easy with the popup calendars) and “Todo el día” in the “Periodo” box. It goes pretty quickly. Try selecting 5 fps to slow it down.

Edit: Wait! This is better. Webcams de Mexico made a YouTube video and Erik Klemetti discusses it – check out the shock wave:

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