Update on posts

Yes, another one, just so you know what’s happening.

There is a lot happening in the Civil War in 1863, and I want to get a grip on the most important things, so posts are taking longer.

This late in the war, too, many different threads are starting to come together. Looking into the siege of Port Hudson, for example, brought to attention the Louisiana Native Guard and assorted things involving black US military troops, their use, misuse and abuse.

It takes time.

Also, Jefferson Davis’s birthday is coming up next week. I skipped him last year because I knew so little, but now I have more information and plan to write something in-depth. I was going to address slavery in that post, too, as he addresses it quite a bit in his history of the Confederacy, but that will have to wait for a separate post, as there will also be an anniversary post next week.

Fortunately, Popocatépetl volcano has not changed its recent pattern. Because of that, and with the monsoon clouds often blocking view of the volcano, I wrote my last live-blog post for a little while, unless something drastic happens, even though Don Goyo is still explosive and restless.

That will free up more time.

Thanks so much for your interest! Everything will eventually get posted. With luck, I might even get back on the Monday posting schedule for the Civil War anniversary!

When you're having fun.  Photo:  Robert Couse-Baker

When you’re having fun. Photo: Robert Couse-Baker

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