Civil War Anniversary post update

The siege of Vicksburg began this week (May 19th), but much happened in Mississippi before then and I’ve already got about 1500 words down, to be checked, edited and linked up. I haven’t even looked at the other theaters yet, other than to keep tabs on Nathan Bedford Forrest – he was so active at this time, that’s a good way to start timeline work – he generally fills out at least half of days of the week and you can build it up from there, though as it turns out, Forrest spent this week taking it a bit easy and getting a new command in Tennessee.

Also, I just read where General Sherman, after the first land assault on Vicksburg was repulsed with heavy US casualties, wrote his wife, “This is a death struggle and will be terrible.” When General Sherman says something like that, well, it’s kind of depressing.

I just needed a break. Unlike the men in blue and gray who lived and died this week 150 years ago, I can easily get one.

I’m going to finish this up tomorrow. Thank you all for your interest.

“Let me learn from where I’ve been”:

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