Popocatépetl had a blast overnight

Last night, the Colossus of Puebla reminded everybody that it’s not just another pretty face, simmering away prettily in the background.

Per the 11 a.m. CENAPRED bulletin:



May 08 11:00h (May 08, 16:00 GMT)

Yesterday the monitoring system of Popocatepetl recorded an episode of high amplitude spasmodic tremor that began yesterday between 19:28 h and 01:59 h today, from this time began to decrease in amplitude until 03:48 h. This episode was accompanied by a column of ash that came to reach an approximate height of 3000 meters above the crater southeast direction … . There were reports of ash fall in the towns of San Pedro Benito Juarez, San Juan Tianguismanalco, Atlixco and in some areas of the city of Puebla. Most of the episode of tremor was accompanied by the emission of incandescent fragments at an average distance of 500 meters from the crater, mainly on the northeastern slope.

Prior and subsequent to this episode were 40 low-intensity exhalations. Also, today at 07:23 h there was another of moderate intensity that issued small amount of ash that moved towards the southeast of the volcano … . Also today was recorded at 08:37 h a volcanotectonic earthquake of magnitude 1.9. At the time of this report shows the continuous emission of steam and gas, eastbound … .

Ashfall in Puebla last night.  Source

Ashfall in Puebla last night. Source

Yesterday was a very long work day, both in the “day job” of medical transcription and in writing, and I missed it. Erik Klemetti posted about it. There are some more good pictures at that link.

I think the high-amplitude tremor shows that this was an actual eruption, not just a dome blowing. The question is . . . what next? Popo could settle back into its earlier pattern for the foreseeable future, or not. Anyway, CENAPRED hasn’t raised the alert level above Yellow and Don Goyo is, for the moment, sitting quietly on its dignity as if to say, “What? What’s all the fuss about?”



Edit: 9:25 p.m. Eastern

Now this is just showing off:

Unretouched image (except for drop shadow) from CENAPRED's Tianguismanalco webcam for Popocatépetl

Unretouched image (except for drop shadow) from CENAPRED’s Tianguismanalco webcam for Popocatépetl – click to enlarge

That’s one of those webcam captures that leave a smile on your face for the rest of the day. Just happened to hit it right. It’s nice, too, that the Tianguismanalco cam is usually the one that is all ashed over when Don Goyo is fussing.

Edit: May 11, 2013

Just wanted to insert this webicorder capture from May 9-10. PPIG is the online webicorder SSN has for Popocatépetl.

I don’t understand this, specifically, the point where it ends.

National Seismology Service, Geophysics Institute, National University of Mexico

National Seismology Service (SSN), Geophysics Institute, National University of Mexico

CENAPRED put out an extra bulletin about this yesterday (May 10):

May 10 15:20 h (May 10, 20:20 GMT)

At 11:42 h (local time) started a train of exhalations followed by segments of harmonic tremor of medium to high amplitude, which lasted until 14:43 h. This internal activity represents possible magma ascent. Nevertheless, except for low intensity exhalations of ash at the beginning of this episode, it hasn##t been reflected with any important external eruptive activity. At the time of this report, the cloud cover does not allow observations of the volcano, so it cannot be ruled out that other ash exhalations might have ocurred.

The Volcanic Alert Level remains at Yellow Phase 2.

Unfortunately, I didn’t didn’t have the webcam capture going. Here is an image CENAPRED included in their bulletin, showing Don Goyo at 1004. I believe you can see the seismographic impact on the webicorder (above):



After that oomph! moment, PPIG shows activity picking up some in the midmorning, and then especially around 1320 and going on consistently until around 1435 with a bit more just before 1445.

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