Update: A bit more on Popocatépetl and the Civil War post this week

First, the Civil War anniversary post this week – got a late start, but it will be out some time tonight/early tomorrow morning.

As for Popocatépetl, it’s keeping this amateur guessing! A look at Don Goyo via the Tochimilco webcam just now is very ashy:

Cough!  Cough! Hack!  (CENAPRED)

Cough! Cough! Hack! (CENAPRED)

And the Tlamacas webcam shows ongoing light ash emission, too, at times perhaps a little explosive:



This falls within the activity described for Yellow Phase II by CENAPRED, but the volcano has been more explosive lately (hence, the recent overflight, presumably). On the 16th, Erik Klemetti at Eruptions noted that Popo’s explosions “might have been caused by the clear[ing] of any dome/plug material in the vent area or water getting deeper into the hot rocks at the summit.”

What are you doing, Colossus of Puebla?

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