Popocatépetl put on a show today

Two volcano posts in a row! It has to be – the volcanologists at CENAPRED in Mexico collected some beautiful images of today’s stronger than usual ash emissions during Popocatépetl’s ongoing eruption (they haven’t raised the alert level, though – it’s still Yellow, Phase 2). The images are presented below in a gallery.

Popo has some vulcanian eruptions – from a viewer’s standpoint, things will be relatively quiet up there, with just a light plume of steam, gas and/or a little ash, and then boom, like a cannon shot, most probably when the lava dome up there collapses or explodes.

The “wavy” lenticular cloud – here is a similar cloud much further north, forming under similar circumstances in the southwestern US – in some of the gallery images below is not from the volcano but the resulting of a standing wave over the volcano’s summit due to strong winds at that atmospheric level (about 18,000 feet above sea level).

In these images from today, you can see how the input of heat and small particles from the volcano disrupts the smooth outline of the atmospheric cloud briefly, but then it recovers. Those are very strong atmospheric winds up there today.

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This link will take you to the most recent online information at CENAPRED’s website for Popo. You don’t need to speak Spanish: “Imagen” on this page means webcams (note: the Tochimilco cam is down just now).

“Reportes” means exactly what it sounds like in English. CENAPRED has issued several extra bulletins today because of the volcano’s increased activity. There is an English page called “Latest Report,” but the most recent bulletins might not have been translated yet. The images above are webcam captures that the scientists included with today’s bulletin. (After Saturday, I’ll put an archive link to the bulletins from the 13th here. Edit: CENAPRED’s site doesn’t give me an URL for a previous report, but if you go here and under “Reportes de un día” select “13”, “Abril”, you will see the full report, including the evening updates for the 13th, which aren’t included in the English version.)

There are some spectacular night images coming in, too, but those won’t be complete until tomorrow, so I will do a second gallery here with those. Here’s a sample, from twilight.

Popo sparks 1

April 14 update

As for the human impact on yesterday’s activity, some ash was reported at Puebla airport, per CENAPRED. Per this news report (Spanish), at least 4 communities besides Puebla reported ash: San Nicolás de los Ranchos, Cuautlancingo, Coronango, Cholula and Santiago Xalitzintla.

Don Goyo kept at it through at least 5:30 this morning, but has settled down. These are from today’s CENAPRED bulletin, and in random order (because the volcano sparked randomly through the night):

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