Listening to volcanoes – a few beautiful, unenhanced videos

Dr. Boris Behncke, a volcanologist at Italy’s Etna volcano observatory whose enthusiasm for Mount Etna is highly contagious, has posted a beautiful (and unenhanced) visual and audio video of a paroxysm at Etna on April 11, 2013. Be sure to have your speakers on for this!

Let’s also look at a few other volcanic sounds that have been caught on video and shared with the public.

Mount Bromo, spring of 2011

We all know that volcanoes are noisy at the summit during an eruption, as shown in this PhotoVolcanica video (they have a nice website, too):

That’s a shockwave preceding an ash emission at Mount Bromo in Indonesia during a spring 2011 eruption.

Campi Flegrei, February 2013

Sometimes volcanoes will just bubble and hiss like a leaking tea kettle, as at this new fumarole – probably caused by prior heavy rains – that opened up at Italy’s Campi Flegrei/Phlegraean Fields volcano in early 2013.

Feel free to pass along a translation in the comments, if you can. I don’t speak Italian, unfortunately.

Anyway, the volcano didn’t erupt after that. In fact, it took a break, showing no seismic activity or deformation for several weeks!

Pyroclastic flows

I read somewhere that these gravity flows are silent, because they travel on a current on hot gas.

This must be true, but they also are composed of rock fragments, some rather large – at least near the source of the flow – and so must generate some noise.

Here is a video that clearly picked up the distant sounds of one at Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano in 2010 (starting at around 0:28 and then with a much better microphone from around 1:33).

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