A touch of flu . . . but, Etna!

Shouldn’t have said this week’s Civil War post would “definitely” be out today – a flu-like illness has hit, but it seems (hopefully) fairly brief. Maybe that post will be out later this week.

In the meantime, Sicily’s Mount Etna put on a spectacular show again last night, and volcanologist Boris Behncke’s 15-minute raw video is easy to share and well worth watching!

Here is what he said about it at YouTube: “I think this video pretty much says it all. The only thing I need to advise you of is that this is essentially raw footage, with some flaws in it, and I will eventually replace this video with a slightly edited version with the flaws cut out. Do watch it, it’s quite long (more than 15 minutes), and it has a lot of Etna’s angry voice in it, but also some of our [presumably fellow volcanologists at the Etna Observatory…Barb] chattering, between enthusiasm and bewilderment.”

I love to hear enthusiastic scientists on nature videos!

The film isn’t in slow motion – those are huge volcanic bombs Etna is throwing around, and the fountains are sometimes hundreds of meters high. There is a pyroclastic flow on the left at around 6:20. While I don’t speak Italian, at around 8:30, they are calling something “strange,” and several minutes later, Dr. B. says in English that maybe the volcano is making big bubbles, so perhaps they are trying to figure out just how these incredible bursts are happening.

Here is Erik Klemetti’s post on the most recent Etna fireworks.

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