Random thoughts: The future – it is here

Gonna show my age with this one.

Yesterday I read this Wired story, “Catch a Nostalgic Glimpse of Geocities on Tumblr,” and it was so cool. All those sites were edgy and wonderful in the 90s, when I started exploring the Net.

Then tonight I looked around for a way to morph some Lincoln images for a birthday post (that will not be up today – I know it’s his birthday today but just couldn’t do it right because of the work schedule, etc.).

As it turns out, morphing is easy.  Wow!

I remember when Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” awed everybody – it still has almost 51 million hits on YouTube. Before that, there was the “movie magic” seen in T2.

Now – I just download a GIMP plug-in.

OK, I haven’t got a flying car yet, like they promised in the 50s, but this will do – this will most definitely do.


Rest in peace, Michael.

Michael Jackson with a Knott's Berry Farm Snoo...

Michael Jackson with a Knott’s Berry Farm Snoopy mascot in April 1984. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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