Unwinding a little

Just a brief note to say this week’s upcoming Civil War anniversary post will come out later than usual tomorrow, but it will be out, hopefully, along with a completed earthquake hazard post for Flight to Wonder that’s only half done right now.

The day job has been hectic, with a new client picked up – a 60-hour work week, just completed.  I need to decompress a little.

All you visitors – welcome!  You inspire me to continue writing here as much as possible.


So, how does Barb decompress?

First with loud, safe noises (per the accompanying note, these are Parrot guns firing full military loads at a recent Camp Grayling National Guard Base Historic Artillery Match):

Next, a little British humor, old or new, or some old-fashioned American detective work (1934 is about right – Stout and Wodehouse were friends, by the way).

And let’s wrap up with a couple of dance masters (the movie is White Nights [1985]):


Well, it was a tough week – maybe a bit more loud noise:  Strombolian (left) and fountaining (right) activity at Plosky Tolbachik in Russia’s Kamchatkan Peninsula, uploaded at the end of last month by volcanologist Dmitry Melnikov (Russian language).  Of note, if you can watch this all the way to the end, you are a volcanophile – there is no cure for this condition, fortunately!

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