The American Civil War Anniversary: 3D sonar discovers the wreck of “USS Hatteras”

The battle happened off the coast of Galveston on January 11, 1863, and I missed that in the timeline.

Here’s a 19th-century print of the battle from the Naval Historical Center’s USS Hatteras page, so you will recognize her in the images that accompany the New Scientist story:

hatteras and alabama

Of note in the news article:

The Hatteras can’t be disturbed due to its status as US navy property and a war grave – two of its engine-room crew killed in the battle with the Alabama are believed to lie buried inside the hull. This made the 3D sonar scan particularly well suited to mapping the wreck, because it’s completely hands-off.

That’s nice. That’s very nice.

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  1. The battle between the ALABAMA and the HATTERAS only lasted about 15 minutes. The HATTERAS was the only ship sunk by a Confederate commerce raider. Raphael Semmes, the ALABAMA’S legendary captain, had been ordered by Confederate Secretary of the Navy Stephen Mallory not to fight an enemy warship. Rather, his sole target was to be unarmed Union merchant ships. But the HATTERAS was a target he couldn’t resist, especially after her lured her far enough away from the rest of the Union squadron to pounce on her.

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