A schedule note

New followers and regulars alike – thanks for your interest!

Just so you know, the holidays knocked the schedule around some, but the Civil War anniversary posts usually come out on Mondays, around midday, Eastern.  They are also usually quite a bit shorter than the last two, and since the armies will soon be going into winter quarters, I might have an opportunity to get into some other topics about the war.

As mentioned elsewhere, these posts are basically just a kind of “note-taking” that I’m doing, as well as an anniversary celebration, after which I plan to tackle Shelby Foote’s works and then start visiting battle and other historic Civil War sites after retirement.

Anyway, other posts here are random and generally off the top of my head.  Science posts will now be going on my new website, Flight To Wonder.

Here’s wishing all the best to us all in 2013!

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