Weather: Dangerous severe weather in South – update

Just a quick note. It’s already started, and some bad tornadoes have already happened in Louisiana and Mississippi. Don’t know if anyone will be reading this today, but if you do and you live anywhere from East Texas through Georgia and maybe into South Carolina as well, don’t think this threat is going to go away when the sun goes down. It’s not that kind of situation. Air flow and big masses of warm moist Gulf or dry air, with very cold air nearby, are driving this – not so much the Sun’s energy today – and it’s going to get more dangerous in this area throughout the night – all night. Tomorrow the threat will extend up the East Coast, but right now the biggest concern is in the Gulf Coast/Georgia area.

Local National Weather Service offices are issuing PDS tornado watches – I always think of them as “pretty d****d serious” but it means Particularly Dangerous Situation, and there are special criteria that have to be met for one to be issued. This storm is meeting those criteria.

Be safe, people!  Yes, it may mean an all-nighter on Christmas Night.  Spare a thought and a prayer for those in danger, and the local meteorologists who have already left their homes to do wall-to-wall coverage at the station.

People a lot more knowledgeable than me will be discussing it all night at this Talkweather thread (last page is most current – they’re up to 24 pages as of this writing). Again, this is Alabama-based web forum, but right now they’ve got weather watchers and meteorologists contributing to it from as far away as South Dakota. Check it out, if you want.

There’s also the Storm Prediction Center page, and you can also enter your Zipcode in that “local forecast” box in the upper left to get the most up-to-date information for your own area.

Tomorrow’s going to a rough day, too, possibly all the way up the Eastern Seaboard to Maryland or even further north.

But let’s get through tonight safely first.

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