Weather: Wild Christmas weather in the South coming up.

I don’t post about weather much but figured this could be useful for anyone living along the Gulf Coast, from East Texas to Florida, since severe weather is possible Christmas Eve and early Christmas Day – two times when people are gathered together in their homes and not paying a lot of attention to what’s going on outside.

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, has an area of risk pegged on its convective outlooks, starting in East Texas on Christmas Eve and carrying through to the Deep South, particularly Mississippi and Alabama, early Christmas Day.

This doesn’t mean severe weather, including tornadoes, is going to happen then, only that the possibility for it exists. It’s concerning because increased helicity is modeled to be present in the mix on the 25th, and that can mean tornadoes, possibly even some significant ones.

Don’t let it take over your Christmas celebrations – just be aware, if you’re in those areas, that you need to have your weather emergency plan ready, too, just in case.

Here is video of a somewhat technical discussion of the upcoming week or so. It’s Alabama based because I lived there for several years, but it also gives an overall look at the whole situation for people in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and northward.

Of course, you’ve got weather information sources of your own, but if you’re in the West Central Alabama area and want updates, James and Brian’s blog is here.

Be safe and happy, everybody. Merry Christmas!

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