Mars Curiosity Rover: Links to video and summary of JPL’s Dec. 3rd AGU press conference.

Some folks have been looking for a transcript of the press conference. I thought it would be easy to find, too, but it isn’t.

Summary of the press conference and video

Here is NASA’s summary of the news announced then, and below is the AGU YouTube video (about 1 hour 10 minutes long) of the JPL press conference:

Latest news

Yesterday, JPL reported that the rover has reached “Yellowknife Bay” where two rustic gentleman in flannel jackets and caps with earflaps offered it a Labatt’s, eh? they plan to drill a rock. The day’s journey was cut short when onboard instruments detected an discrepancy, but the rover did return an image of a rock outcrop that looks a lot like terrestrial shale.

That’s interesting, because on Earth shale is formed when mud deposited by slowly moving water gets compressed. It takes millions of years to form. I wonder what old “Shaler” up there is made of.

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