Update on the Mars rover discovery – hmmm, do they have a problem after all?

This is weird:

Well, this is pretty disappointing. Exactly one week ago, NASA got us really excited about a potential discovery on Mars that was going to be “one for the history books.” Turns out, that NASA employee from the Curiosity rover team was just really excited about the mission — and not one specific, universe-altering discovery.

Mashable’s Amanda Wills got NASA Social Media Manager Veronica McGregor to explain that the whole thing was really just a really big misunderstanding. “What Grotzinger was actually trying to convey is that Curiosity’s data over her entire two-year mission will further our knowledge of Mars more than ever before, making it a historical mission,” Wills writes. “It’s always difficult to quell rumors like this one,” McGregor told Mashable.

A related story at PCMag.com says the team is now indicating that the press conference at the AGU was scheduled well in advance and with no idea of a dramatic announcement.

I agree with the Atlantic Wire – this is just very odd, the way it has turned out. There is an odor of cover-up here, but of what, and why? Well, let’s all stay tuned, I guess.

I wonder what the world of Science is thinking of all this.

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