Cracked published the supervolcano article today!

Cracked page with my supervolcanoes article


Here it is.

Basically I just gave them the facts, and they went skating on top of them. It’s gotten over 110,000 hits already. Wow!

It’s fun to read, because most of it is new to me, too. They only used a little bit of what I wrote, and they went with 6 volcanoes after all.

I never could have written that. In some ways I wish I could have, though – it’s really well done. In other ways, well, guess I won’t put a link to it in the “Eruptions” blog comment section. They’d take it way too seriously.

John Cleese as Launcelot

Idiom expert. (Source)

All in all, it was a great experience, and Cracked editors are tops. They really are. I have my own idiom, though, and that’s okay, too. Work is progressing on the website. In the course of setting that up, I will probably come across various bits of interesting information that might make other good articles for Cracked, and there, in my “professional” site, I will also use the voice I’ve learned through this experience.

One other thing. A commenter from Madagascar asked about the city of Kagoshima (which sits in Aira caldera, along with Sakura-jima volcano) and Rabaul, and I answered their questions in a direct message.

What fun!

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