Close-up views of Popocatepetl’s summit through CENAPRED’s Tlamacas cam

Note: This post just contains pictures that only a volcanophile could get excited over – lots and lots of pictures. I’ll keep them below the fold – just click “more” to see them. (By the way, I love how easy WordPress makes this, except for that last image, which repeated across all galleries – sorry about that.)

Volcanologists at CENAPRED in Mexico have established a number of webcams around Popocatepetl, just south of Mexico City. Today when I visited the Tlamacas webcam, it was a delight to discover that they had the cam zoomed in on the summit. I saved 30-some images.

Note: These are all CENAPRED images, made by them through their own equipment. It’s a government agency and publicly available, so I assume it is acceptable to use them with proper attribution.

Who knows what the scientists were looking for, but I saw a fumarole in one series. Another series seemed to be examining the marks left by ejecta right up near the crater rim.

I can’t locate these images on the edifice other than that – close to the summit and viewed through the Tlamacas webcam.

The end of the magic moment – the regular webcam image appears. Thank you, CENAPRED!

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