Writing: A website is on the horizon

Today I was going to work on the Civil War Anniversary posts, but instead had to work through something – something positive, that is – that came out of that whole business with the supervolcano article and Cracked.

It’s difficult to explain, but as I read the criticism and realized that they (and Cracked readers) were seeing with completely different eyes, I also had an insight that I would have to explain the whole geological background so they could understand the notion of a supervolcano under Naples (to go with the Campi Flegrei example).

That’s why I withdrew the pitch – not because I was “insulted” or anything silly like that. As I’ve said all along, those people are tops and it was an honor for me to submit an idea to them. Their criticism was valid, too – it’s just that I saw more deeply into the situation.

People need to know more about geology, not the science or the hyped-up doomsaying coverage, but just plain old geology in plain old English . . . the basics. I’m not a geologist; heck, I failed to get an undergraduate degree because I couldn’t handle geochemistry, but I did pretty well in everything else, and I’m an enthusiastic amateur now, as well as more comfortable with writing. I’ve also got a little trove of geology-based Helium articles that are past the exclusive 1-year Helium deal.

Can Do

(Source: ViZZZual.com)

There is only one way I can come to grips with the whole supervolcanoes/Cracked thing and live with myself comfortably. That is by launching a website that (hopefully) will give me some income but also meet the need for basic information about geology that’s easy for the general public (or average Cracked reader, since I have been giving that demographic some thought for a while now) to access and use.

That’s all for now. It follows from a vague idea I had of putting up a humor website to link to if and when Cracked published my supervolcano article. This is a much better idea. It will come online the first of the new year.

Around the end of December, I’ll introduce it to you all.

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