Random thoughts: Storify trial okay but not for the Civil War series

This didn’t take too long. A severe weather outbreak is probably not a good time to learn a new application, but I storified enough to see that it really wouldn’t be an improvement over what WordPress already offers.

Pros of Storify

It’s very good for quick information sharing in a way that’s more easily accessible than Twitter. This, for instance, is a good example from an NBC News Community Manager on today’s tornadoes (still an ongoing threat in the NYC/NJ/CT area; these are earlier ones).

While it’s heavily based in social media, you can add unlimited text to a story.


Since I was at a disadvantage today because of the weather, will just note this in terms of the Civil War series. If that war were happening today, yes, Storify would probably have a place but . . . .

Storify seems like a useful “snap a quick picture of the situation” thing, but for the Civil War anniversary series, I want to sit down and spend some time on it. There’s no rush, only regret that so little can be covered here. WordPress has all the features needed to do a good job on that.

Today’s weather

There seems to have been a small tornado outbreak near and in New York City this morning. There are still storms in that area, and much Twittering about it all.

Here in the Albany, New York, area, we’ve got a wait ahead of us. Our excitement will arrive later this afternoon and after sundown, say the forecasters. Here’s a recent image of Albany radar (click to enlarge) – you can see we’re in between line segments. Yellow marks mean severe thunderstorms, and that red mark down near NYC is a tornado warning in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Radar from Albany NWS website at 1335

Radar from Albany NWS website at 1335

With my luck, it will arrive just about when I get back to transcription work tonight. It probably will be exciting, too. I know just enough about the SPC’s mesoscale analysis page to be dangerous, and from that it appears there is an insane amount of shear in the air that has caused really major Southern-style helicity in some spots…in plain English, tornadoes are a real threat, even up here, with this system.

Well, will keep the camera handy just in case there’s something (a tornado or exotic clouds) to film, and if we get any bad damage, will update this post.

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