Random Thoughts: Miscellany, 3

This paragraph from a Times-Picayune online story about Isaac is a reminder: I have got to get back to the Civil War anniversary timeline soon!

The remnants of Hurricane Isaac advanced into Arkansas Thursday, but only after ambushing thousands of residents from the north shore to the River Parishes with second-day flooding on its way out of Louisiana. The storm system’s rear-guard action — floodwaters pouring from an overburdened bayou into Slidell’s Olde Towne district, guerrilla surges into unsuspecting neighborhoods of LaPlace and the lower West Bank — led to further evacuations on a day that should have been reserved for mopping up and drying out.

Isaac brought much hardship to Louisiana and the Southeast. I hope it helps break the drought in Arkansas.

Other news

There has been no immediate response from the Cracked editors on my first pitch about volcanoes. I just submitted a second one yesterday, about 6 doomed cities and the surprising ways they will be destroyed. I have a good feeling about that one…will see in the next week.

Also, Popocatepetl is still enveloped in rainy season clouds whenever I check the webcams, but CENAPRED has been getting some good views occasionally. This one is from their 11 a.m. CDT update yesterday:

Popo at night

Popo at night (CENAPRED)

Thank you!

It is forecast to be 92 degrees here today – I do so miss AC. However, I’m keeping up with the transcription and, obviously, the writing, so that’s okay. It was forecast to cool down next week, but I see the models are now showing TS Lesie turning into a major hurricane and heading more westward than expected (i.e., toward the East Coast). Will keep a close eye on that.

I will get back to that timeline as soon as I can. Thank you very much for your interest!

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