Random thoughts: Clouds and a finished article pitch to Cracked.

Sunset cloud in summer

Sunset cloud in summer

I took some photos of pretty clouds last night and will intersperse them through this post.

Pretty much every night after I’m done with transcription I end up free-falling through Cracked.com. Not all the articles there are to my taste, but enough are (these generally have little to no cussing) to make it a good place to unwind.

Now that I have a little idea of how much work goes into an article, I’ll never take another bit of writing there for granted.

Sunset cloud in summer

Sunset cloud in summer

No links yet. I just submitted the pitch on “6 Volcanoes and the People Who Successfully Defied Them,” within the hour. It takes about a week, they say, to get feedback. They weren’t all supervolcanoes.

Facts are easy enough. Being funny is extremely difficult. Yet I seem (to myself, anyway) to have a knack for that.

The next writing project, maybe to be completed tomorrow as it’s advanced, is to publish a Helium article on phyllite. I have had to put that aside and to not even look at their Marketplace while working on the Cracked pitch. I’ll try to make up for that in the week or so before feedback comes. There is still much more work to do on that article if Cracked accepts it.

No hurricane blogging for Isaac, fortunately. It did look East Coast bound for a while, but things have become clearer now – it’s a Gulf Coast problem. Hope it doesn’t intensify too much before landfall there next week.

Enough for now. Time for a quick bite and back to work. No, I haven’t forgotten the Civil War series.

Summer cloud and moon at sunset

Summer cloud and moon at sunset

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