Random thoughts: Miscellany, part deux

Just wanted to say that it may be a bit longer before I can get back to the Civil War. The temperatures are forecast to go up towards the end of the week – this is very unusual weather up here. It wouldn’t be a bother down South, of course, because I would have air conditioning. Aargh!

Also, the Cracked article is challenging. It’s difficult to write something funny about supervolcanoes, and doubly so when it’s your first humor article. Still, I am impelled to try. There is a humor article in me, but it’s hard work getting it out. Have made progress but more slowly than expected.

In about a week, too, I may be blogging a hurricane, unless what’s now Tropical Depression 9 and probably soon to be Isaac rains out over the Southeast in the meantime. Haiti’s going to experience heavy rain and winds this weekend, unfortunately.

Well, will just keep plugging away at writing all around, and keep up on the day job. Once the Civil War posts do start again, it will probably be two a week until caught up again. It’s important to go consecutively, as this is the first time I’ve ever looked at the war so closely. As someone said in Ken Burns’ series, 1862 was an incredibly busy year.

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